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THB is passionate about managing stable, diversified, niche equity strategies for our corporate, endowment and high net worth investors.

Our Firm

Founded in 1982, we are an independent, 100% employee owned firm that has unique strategies and a flexible, innovative approach you may be looking for. Whether you are a family office, foundation, corporation, pension plan or high net worth individual, our strategies and team can serve your needs.

As you search for investment management services, you’re likely seeking firms with a sound investment philosophy, unique strategies and a stable team that has experience in multiple market cycles. In essence, you’re looking for a firm to help you invest and manage your assets in a way that can help you reach your investment goals.

Our Experience

Our investment management team has many years of combined experience in domestic and international investment opportunities. We understand the markets, as well as how to translate the raw data into opportunities others may overlook. Decades of successfully analyzing, trading and investing in the smallest and most inefficient companies has built our collective intelligence and honed our processes. Our investment ideas emerge from the inherent inefficiencies of the markets we invest in and our ability quickly analyze them. THB Asset Management includes seasoned portfolio managers, experienced research analysts, traders and administrative personnel who work to bring you niche investment solutions that may be able to serve your long- term investment goals.

THB Asset Management is a pioneer in the field. We started our Special Situations strategy in 1982 and launched one of the first US Strategies in 1998. Then, in 2015, we launched the THB International Opportunities strategy focused on smaller company opportunities in the international developed markets. We believe it is one of the few strategies of its kind offered today.

THB Asset Management Strategies

THB Asset Management offers a variety of solutions.

THB Micro Cap

This solution utilizes quantitative and qualitative screening and a valuation-based approach. Our professionals seek out companies with high operating metrics that are part of the Russell Microcap Index and may be trading below their intrinsic value. Our proprietary Quality Assessment and Risk Ranking are used throughout, the process. READ MORE

THB Mid Cap

This solution pursues capital appreciation over full market cycles. This strategy holds exactly 30 securities and has a high active share. THB Asset Management seeks out companies from the Russell Midcap Index that we believe have strong operating metrics, lower risk and are trading below intrinsic value. READ MORE

THB Small Cap Core

This strategy generally holds up to 90 securities and has a high active share. This solution seeks appreciation by pursuing well capitalized and potentially undervalued companies in the Russell 2000 Index. Our firm uses our proprietary Quality Assessment and Risk Ranking to supplement our 35+year philosophy. READ MORE

THB International Opportunities

This solution generally holds 150 securities from the MSCI World ex-US Small Cap Index and has a high active share. This strategy allows clients to invest in innovative companies from 22 of 23 international developed markets. READ MORE


Founded in 1982, THB has been investing and trading in niche equity markets for over 38 years. Our accomplished team of investment professionals constantly strives to find what we believe are the best investment ideas to deliver results for our clients.


THB is an employee-owned investment management boutique with over 38 years’ experience, a time-tested investment process, and alignment with our clients through our equity ownership and investments in the strategies we manage. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture and commitment to innovation and improvement.


THB is a boutique firm specializing in US Micro, Small, Mid Cap and International Small Cap strategies. We maintain a disciplined, market-tested investment philosophy and an active investment approach to create broad diversification and efficient exposure in the respective asset classes.

How THB Can Help You

If you would like to learn more about our history, processes and how our strategies can possibly help you achieve your investment objectives, contact THB Asset Management online or call us at (203) 653-7060.