Our Commitment

At THB, we partner with our clients - institutional investors including corporations, endowments, foundations, and family offices - to invest in stable, diversified equity products. Our history is rich with experience managing allocations on behalf of large plan sponsors, while our range of pooled investment vehicles also makes THB ideal for smaller plans seeking well-diversified and efficient exposure to the market.

Our sole focus is to provide excellent stewardship of our clients’ capital over full market cycles, and we are passionate about our disciplined process of investing in micro, small, and mid cap companies.


Founded in 1982, THB has been investing and trading in smaller cap securities for over 30 years. Our accomplished team of ten investment professionals constantly strives to find the best investment ideas to produce outstanding results.


We are a boutique firm specializing in Micro, Small, Mid Cap and International equity strategies. We maintain a disciplined, market-tested investment philosophy and an active investment approach in order to create broad diversification and efficient exposure in our portfolios to the respective asset classes.


THB is employee-owned, so the portfolio managers are wholly invested in the firm’s strategies. We have a robust team and a deep bench, and we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture and our commitment to innovation and improvement.